Safety Director

Custom Coach and Limousine employs an in-house safety director year round. This allow us to keep up with and ahead of the latest regulations; and to be proactive with training of new and current employees. With the help of our Driver Trainer our Safety Director plans new training classes to refresh and educate our drivers and office staff.

Inspections and Ratings

Custom Coach and Limousine meets or exceeds all government ratings for safety. We hold the highest rating from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Department of Defense (DOD). Custom Coach and Limousine has undergone and passed numerous roadside inspections and routine audits and has a long history of safety. All Custom Coach vehicles pass Maine State inspections from licensed outside vendors. We encourage you to look up our record on the NTSB's "SaferBus" app.

How does this effect my trip?

Safety is always the top priority for Custom Coach and Limousine. Your trip may be effected in a few ways by this focus on safety. Below are a few, but not all, examples of how safety precautions may effect your trip.

A second or even third driver may be required to complete your trip safely and legally. By the letter of the law a driver may drive 10 hours before having 8 hours off; we may shorten the 10 hour limit or extend the 8 hours off in the interest of safety.

If your trip is a particularly long day we may book a hotel room for the driver while your group is at their location. This is to allow the driver a safe and reasonable area to rest and relax to prepare for the drive home.

Custom Coach may refuse to transport some luggage such as propane tanks on or under the vehicle. Other luggage such as skis and large coolers may be required to be transported in the luggage bay and not in the passenger area.

Custom Coach may ask to change the times of a trip or refuse a trip in the interest of safety. If Custom Coach feels a trip cannot be completed in a manner in accordance with our safety standards we may refuse the trip. While we'd love to transport your group we can't compromise safety to do so. We'd be happy to work with you in planning a safer trip, just ask!